Despite having a very similar vibe, there are some differences between rompers and jumpsuits. The main difference is that a romper is short in length, and a jumpsuit is long. They both are essentially a shirt with attached pants, for rompers those pants are shorts and for jumpsuits they are long pants – Same but different! It’s a style we may traditionally think of as for small children, but let me tell you, these outfits are on point at any age!

wedding dress

The search for the perfect jumpsuit or romper that fits your unique shape is definitely worth it! This style is so versatile that it might just be the new little black dress. You can dress it up, dress it down, and wear it anywhere!

Can I Wear it to a Wedding?

Short answer is yes, duh! There are all kinds of weddings these days. Indoors, outdoors, elegant, relaxed, destination, and down-home. If you do it right, you can wear a jumpsuit or a romper to any of these and still be within the dress code.

There are just a few simple rules. Like with any wedding guest outfit, never, never outdo the bride. It’s her day. She wears the white dress, she gets to act like a diva, and she spends her life savings on decorations. Don’t even think about competing with her.

If you have a romper or jumpsuit that seems a little extra, wear it another day. Also, don’t wear white. But you already knew that.

Look for Clues

The invitation will include clues as to the theme of the wedding. It may even include a dress code. If so, then there’s no guesswork on your part – lucky you. You can plan your outfit accordingly. A classic formal wedding requires, well, formal attire, but a casual wedding is up for a bit more interpretation on your part.

Once you have the vibe of the wedding figured out you can match your outfit to that vibe. As a general rule, a romper is more fun, flirty, and casual. A full jumpsuit is sleek, elegant, and formal. There is a one-piece solution for any occasion!

The venue will also give you a clue as to what you should wear. If it’s in a church, you should probably stick to a formal dress. But a backyard wedding or a beach ceremony is the perfect place to try  something a little less dressy, aka a romper or jumpsuit!

The time of day may also dictate how formal it is and give you a clue as to what to wear. Evening weddings are more formal than daytime ones, but you can still get away with an elegant jumpsuit – think sleek and classy.

Stay Classy

Rompers are short, so be aware of the occasion and use common sense. Skip the backless, low cut variety and go for something more reserved and conservative, especially if you don’t know the couple very well. You don’t want to feel out of place or disrespectful.

There’s a particular manner of decorum you should follow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with shoes and accessories. It’s all about balance, so keep the clothing modest and go a little more crazy with the rest of your ensemble.

Ask Your Friends

Get the scoop from someone in the wedding party or your other invited friends. Find out what they’re wearing. Never wear the same color as the wedding party, and stay away from sparkles or sequins. They tend to do a little too much eye-catching.

Other than not overshadowing the bride on her big day, let loose on your wardrobe and pick something that fits with the occasion while breaking the mold. Just because it isn’t your wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to be excited about your outfit too.

So take these tips, and go ahead, throw tradition out the window this wedding season and try on something different. As long as you feel cute and comfortable and feel that the bride is being respected, you’re free to let your spirit run free.


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