Rumors spread faster than wildfire. And needless to say rumors are ruinous. They wreak havoc with people’s lives and careers and leave you reeling with despair. And they never stop, nor do they diminish in color.

Rumors have an uncanny way of getting enhanced. For instance if A whispers a rumor to B saying that X has eloped and got married, then the same story will be narrated to C with added spice and zest that X has eloped and got pregnant before getting hitched. The glamorous and glitzy world of celebrities is wrought with disastrous gossips and anecdotes, with budding stars and world-renowned actors and celebs courting slanderous rumors that ruin their reputation and career in a matter of sixty seconds.

Here are 6 rumors that almost killed the careers of these celebs. Give it a read and thank God that they are still doing what they are good at.

6 Rumors Which Almost Destroyed Celeb Careers

1. Pregnancy rumor about Rihanna

In 2017, a picture of a happy and healthy Rihanna set the world spreading pregnancy rumors of the “Umbrella” singer. Her manager, tour agents, producers all got quite shaken by the rumor and considered cancelling future shows and events that are always planned well in advance.

2. Beyonce’s doppelganger

Another wild rumor about a singer, in which everyone claimed that Beyonce was making a fake clone of herself that performs at concerts and events. This worried her fan base and everyone associated with her and the singer ran into the danger of getting barred from performing at all.

3. Courtney Love has a secret lyricist

Her marriage to Kurt Cobain led everyone to believe and spread the rumor that the Nirvana genius writes her songs which she claims to be her own work. Her song “Live through this” was rumored to be written by Cobain. This false story threatened her career as a singer and songwriter.

4. Tobe Master has a secret director

After secret lyricists come pet directors. Poltergeist director Tobe Master is rumored to have not directed his cult film Poltergeist. Instead the film was supposedly directed by Spielberg. Everyone bought this rumor for good till the Directors’ guild of America cleared the air of such wild gossips through proper investigation.

5. Lopez’s pet backup singer

Ashanti, a backup singer, honestly denied the rumor when Jennifer Lopez was alleged that she was making her backup singers sing instead of herself. The rumor almost destroyed her career as a singer if not for the honest denial by Ashanti herself.

6. Porn film by Barbara Streisand

Streisand was labeled as a blue film actress based on wild and baseless rumor that a particular porn star has a nose that looks exactly like that of Streisand.

Thanks to a handful sensible people, investigators and of course lawyers, such unjustified rumors and random defamation of celebrities have been kept in check. Social media has fueled the spreading of rumors against celebrities but let’s hope that the stars will be sensible enough to not to let such rumors get under their skin and keep with their amazing work.


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