Today, when content is the king, it is really important to brew fresh content which keeps the audience engaged throughout. Speaking of which, who knows it better than Taylor Swift? Every once in a while, Taylor comes with a riddle to solve through her bewitching songs! After “Blank Space”, “Bad Blood”, and “Wildest Dreams” it is time for her new release “Look what you made me do” often called as LWYMMD. let us decode what her new song is all about piece by piece, shall we?

Taylor Swift song

Nils Sjoberg Tombstone:

Let’s begin with the starting set of the song which shows a graveyard, a little vengeful madness around and Taylor digging her own grave. But then, it is not a Taylor Swift song if there is no madness in it. Anyway, the scene starts with a tombstone reading “Nils Sjoberg” which is a reference to Taylor Swift used in an old song (read “This is what you came for”). This can be concluded to be aimed at her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris with whom she “secretly” wrote and put down her creative thoughts for the 2016’s hit “This is what you came for”.

Now, let’s go back to the time when Taylor Swift received speculations and remarks for not being the same and for not having “just the same influence which she used to have earlier”. Taylor Swift is one person we can’t expect to keep mum on such critical comments. Now, the tombstone reading “Nils Sjoberg”, her old pseudonym, clearly tells the message to the world that the old Taylor Swift is dead.

Further reading between the lines, Taylor Swift, in different avatars, narrated the speculations made on her in the ending part of her song by saying “You are so fake” is obviously aimed at her self-proclaimed critics who were constantly trying to put T-swift down with their nasty remarks.

Taking a dig at Katy Perry’s achievements:

Fast forward to the timestamp 1:06 of LWYMMD, when Taylor was riding a gold sports car which later gets crashed into a pole. Does it ring any bell yet? Taylor rode a gold sports car which is similar to what Katy Perry rode in her song “Waking Up in Vegas”. The scene shifts to Taylor Swift holding a Grammy in her hand which basically points at T-Swift having won 10 Grammys herself while Katy Perry hasn’t grabbed one yet.

Last 30 Seconds:

Coming to the most controversial 30 seconds of the video which is portrayed by some of T-Swifts clones saying mean things to her such as “Oh there she goes, playing the victim AGAIN!” to which one of her personas replies “I’d very much like to be excluded from this narrative” which can be directed at her response to her bitter quarrel with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Taking a dig at several in just one song was quite bold of her! But hey, that’s just Taylor Swift’s style! What a creative way of saying “I am back bitches!”

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