It is not easy to face the criticism and paparazzi every day without going a little mad. But celebrities are well taught about how to deal with paparazzi, media, fans, crew, make-up artists and everyone else on everyday basis. They are made to look as well as behave in a good way. When the cameras are facing towards them trying to catch just a glimpse of them they smile and wave their hands at the crowd but noone knows what is going on inside them.

Though some of the celebrities are usually nice with their fans and also in general but some celebrities use their fame to dominate everyone around them. These celebrities often have complaints against them regarding their rude behavior in the set or with the fans. These are celebrities whose smiles are absolutely deceiving and are exactly opposite of what they seem to be.

Top Meanest Celebrities Who Look Sweet

Let us list a few of these celebrities out who are very famous among fans but not so famous among the industry people.

  1. Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts is a celebrity who has won many hearts with her films like Pretty Woman and owns a beautiful smile. But the background story is not as beautiful as her smile. She has been a mean sister in the past and is held responsible for her sister’s suicide in 2014. Her sister’s husband claims that Julia and her family are responsible for his wife’s death and Robert’s family is the most blemished one in the whole Hollywood.

  1. Ariana Grande:

No matter how innocent her face is, she is exactly opposite of how she looks. Ariana Grande got famous after starring in a Nickelodeon show. The famous pop sensation justifies her last name “grande”. She thinks of herself as grander than everyone else and has often misbehaved with the fans in public. Once she asked two of her fans to delete a picture that they hadclicked previously with her and later ever asked her security guards to make sure that the pictures get deleted. How mean!

  1. Justin Bieber:

Everyone has seen Justin Bieber getting famous from an infamous celebrity child. Everyone has seen him become successful. But gaining all this fame has blinded the pretty JB with pride. He once called one of his fans wearing a bikini a “beached whale” and even suggested her to take part in “the biggest loser”. Well, who is the biggest loser here?

  1. Lindsey Lohan:

Lindsey Lohan almost became a nasty girl in her movie “mean girls” but she is an actual mean girl in reality. She very well knows how to play the part of Regina George in real. She is considered to be self-obsessed and careless and her carelessness has been seen multiple times via her drunken driving cases and various criminal charges that have been put upon her.

  1. Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz has been long enough in the Hollywood to have the proper knowledge about treating people, co-stars and fans in general. No matter how beautiful her smile is, she is known to have a pretty rude attitude towards fans. She once refused to get clicked with a fan for a reason like “I’ll have to get clicked with everyone” and walked away. Well she sure lost a good number of fans that day!


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