Although gender pay gap exists in the movie industry, still there are some female actors that are paid a really hefty amount of money. These actresses are gorgeous and beautiful and their talent is loved by the audience and this shows on their bank balance too. Here we have made a list of the top 7 highest paid female actors for the year 2017 according to the information from Forbes. This might not be 100% accurate as some actors prefer not to the public their net earnings.

Here is the list of top 7 high paid female actors

7. Amy Admas

This 42-year-old gorgeous actress has won the Golden Globe awards twice and has been nominated for Oscar 5 times in her career. Her talent and beauty has grabbed her several great roles and also a good pay of $ 13.5 million. She has reached this place after a series of unsuccessful movies and struggle. But her career took off in 2006 with the role of Giselle in the enchanted movie and there has been no looking back since then.

Top 7 High Paid Female Actors

6. Charlize Theron 

This South African actress begins her career as a model and then entered the movie world in 1997 with her debut film The Devils Advocate. The 41-year-old actress is still beautiful and her talent grabbed her a role in the Snow white sequel recently. With an earning of $16.5 million, she has got a position in the top 7 list.

Top 7 High Paid Female Actors

5. Fan Bingbing 

This actress from China has started making appearances in movies of Hollywood as well. Her role in Days of Future Past released in 2014 as the x-man blink was highly appreciated. This multi-talented beauty is also a singer, model, producer and brand ambassador for brands like L’Oreal which has grabbed her an earning of $ 17 million.

Top 7 High Paid Female Actors

4. Jennifer Aniston

This actress got popularity from the TV show of 90’s named as “Friends”. She is in huge demand in comedy movies since her transition from the silver screen to the movie industry. She has worked in hit movies such as Office Christmas Party, Horrible Bosses, Good Girl and Marley and Me. Her good looks have got her earnings of $21 million and she is the brand ambassador of brands like Aveeno and Smartwater.

Top 7 High Paid Female Actors

3. Scarlett Johansson 

She has been a part of the movie industry since her teenage and now she is famous for comic book movies of the Avenger series as Black Widow. She has a beautiful body and looks and has been acknowledged for her work in the comic movie Ghost in the Shell. Also, she does an endorsement for Dolce and Gabbana and other brands and her paycheck this year amounts to $25 million.

Top 7 High Paid Female Actors

2. Melissa Mc Carthy 

This loud and proud actress earns around $33 million which has got her the second position in the list of top-earning actresses. She earned around $10 million for her role in the remake of Ghostbusters. Apart from that, she has her own clothing line for women.

Top 7 High Paid Female Actors


1. Jennifer Lawrence 

This actress has been on top of the list since her Hunger Games movie of 2012. This 26-year old beauty has done major roles in movies like Passengers and Joy and earns around $46 million.

Top 7 High Paid Female Actors


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