The latest fashion trends for youngsters are dyeing their hair in a variety of colors. Well, they can’t be blamed as they get their inspiration from Kylie Kristen Jenner, a model and social media personality who has taken the fashion world by storm with her unique styles. From hair color to styling, dresses, and makeup, Kylie Jenner is indeed a fashion youth icon.

So,here are some of her tips for dyeing your hair right.

Top Hair Dye Tips By Kylie Jenner

Poker Straight Black Hair

A perfect hairstyle is the best accessory for your dress and makeup. To flaunt a straight jet black hair, you require a straightening iron, heat protectant, and smoothening serum. If you don’t have a natural black hair, dye it with the black color hair dyes available on the market. Now prepare the hair with a protectant to prevent damage. Divide your hair into multiple sections of 1 inch and use the straightening rod till it is poker straight. Lastly, apply some serum to remove fizziness and get a natural shine.

Platinum Blonde Bob

To get a platinum blonde bob, firstly cut your hair in bob cut style, suiting your face. Now apply platinum blonde shade on your short bob hair and rinse thoroughly after few hours.  Apply heat protectant on your hair and place the straightening rod on every strand of your hair. Now part your hair sideways and finish it by applying some serum.

Silver Blonde High Ponytail

Kylie Jenner nailed her looks by flaunting silver blonde high ponytail. If you wish to style it in her way, then you will require straightening iron, hair elastic, hair gel, heat protectant, bobby pins, and a fine-toothed comb.

To start with, firstly get your hair dyed in the silver shade and after rinsing thoroughly apply heat protectant on it. Now take 2 section of your hair and straighten it with a hair straightener. After it is done, now apply some hair gel on the fine-toothed comb and backcomb your hair using it. Now tie all of your hair with hair elastic and wrap the elastic with two strands your hair. Finally, fix it with bobby pins.

Blush Pink Center Parted Ponytail

With vibrant colors in style, accessorize your hair with blush pink style. For this, you will need bobby pins, rat tail comb, and hair elastic.Firstly, dye your hair in blush pink color and part your hair midways using rat tail comb. Now tie your hair in the mid-level of the head above the neck with hair elastic. Cover the elastic by wrapping two hair strands and fix it with bobby pins.

Silver Gray Layered Hair

You may think that gray hair is for the oldies, but when Kylie Jenner posted her new silver-gray look, it not bad worth a try. Dye your hair in the silver gray shade and cut it in the shape of long layers. Now use a blow dryer while brushing your hair. Use a round comb and blow dryer to make rounds towards your face. Finally, part your hair sideways, fluff it with your hand, and your look is complete.

Mint Green Straight Hair

If you wish to look like a pastel princess, dye your hair in the mint green shade and complete your look. After dyeing, apply a heat protectant and straighten every strand of hair. Finish it with some serum and part it midways.

Double Unicorn French Braids

To flaunt a unicorn look, you can either dye your hair with rainbow colors or use some temporary hair chalks of various colors. Begin it by applying a variety of chalk shades all over your hair. Now apply some hairspray so that the chalk doesn’t fade away. Part the hair from middle till your neck. Now take a strand of your hair from the front and divide it into 3 sections. Now braid the sections in French braid style by picking up hair from the left and adding it to the braid. Complete it till the tip and put a hair elastic. Make 5 – 6 sections more and tie them separately keeping the middle parting.

Jade Green Long Bob

Flaunt bold colors in style just like Kylie Jenner. Apply jade green shade on your long bob cut hair. Use a blow dryer while brushing the hair to give it a straight look. Lastly, place the straightening iron to remove fizziness and complete the look.

Relaxed Golden Blonde Waves

You can flaunt a new hairstyle with golden blonde waves. For this cut the hair to shoulder length and dye it in golden blonde color. Use a blow dryer while brushing your hair after washing.  Keep your hair parted on sideways and applied sea salt spray and crumble your hair with your hands. This will give your hair a nice wavy texture.


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