Celebrities at Hollywood are under constant pressure to look at their best every time they face the paparazzi because looks are what make you and break you.

Some celebrities decide to opt for the surgery to better their looks. They take help of plastic surgeons to hide their flaws so that they can enhance their appearances and maybe even give their career a little make-over.

Though most of the celebrities get good benefits of going under the knife like Jennifer Anniston and Anna Faris and they come out looking even better after the plastic surgery. But sometimes the celebrities are not very fortunate and the transformation turns out to be really bad and they come out looking totally unlike themselves. Due to this sometimes these celebrities even lose their career.

Some celebrities have accepted that they regret undergoing the process of surgery and ruined their beauty.

  1. Marie Simpson 

Marie Simpson accepted that she was suffering from body dysmorphia and later she also gave a statement that if she had the chance of going back in the past then she would definitely do her surgery differently. She would do all the research first and then she would proceed. She absolutely regrets doing unwanted things and that she wishes to undo the liposuction and boob lift.

  1. Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian

We keep watching the Kardarshians do stuff in Keeping up with the Kardarshians. Everyone saw Kim Kardarshian undergoing Botox surgery procedure and also her instantly hate it as well.Everyone heard Kim say in the show that she instantly felt some bruising around her eyes after the procedure. At first, she thought that it was natural because she hadn’t looked into the after effects but then when the bruises increased she freaked out. She realized that it wasn’t healthy for her age.

  1. Courtenay Cox 

Courtenay Cox 

We all have seen Courtenay in the famous TV series called FRIENDS and she has stolen our hearts multiple times during the show. Post the show, she underwent the knife when she started feeling that age has started affecting her beauty. She got her face lift done and it turned out to be a total disaster. Recently,Courtenay accepted that it was a wrong decision to go under the knife and she is going natural again to regain her natural beauty and facial features.

  1. Kylie Jenner and her lip surgery 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has the sexiest lips in the town and she also has various lip products under her name. Initially, she refused to accept that she underwent the knife but then after over doing it she came clean. Later, she realized that she had gone over-board with the surgery stuff and after her sisters asked her to “chill” she underwent another surgery to undo it all. Later she said that she was relieved that she didn’t end up blotched.

  1. Cameron Diaz 

5 Celebrities Who Regret Undergoing The Knife!

Cameron Diaz is a great promoter of healthy living. But before she was such a natural living enthusiast she underwent a surgery that she totally regretted. She realized that she was not looking like herself at all and decide to go all natural instead of going under the syringe.


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