Movie experts have said that if you want a couple of hours off your daily hectic engagements, watch an animated flick. Animated movies are full of entertainment, humor and emotions. These movies are hands down fictional, but they are extremely realistic and inspired from life. Here are my 5 favorite animated flicks watching which will add the desired spark to your weekends.

5 Crazy Animated Flicks for your Next 5 Weekends

1. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

Every father dreams to have a son that’s a genius. This wish of Flint’s father finally comes true when Flint shows traits of genius from an exceptionally young age. The movie will take you into an imaginative land where, you too, would desire for burgers and nuggets to fall from the sky. This one is an interesting flick full of calories!

2. Inside Out (2015)

Do you feel nervous before a public appearance, ecstatic after winning an award, sad after friend leaves, or just angry when you are lied to? These are normal feelings that we face on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes feelings are inexplicable! Inside Out shows how feelings work in a very vivid and a convincing way.

These ‘feelings’ take responsibility of you at various stages of life. But if you can’t feel a certain way anymore, you would miss out on a lot. It’s a massive imbalance as every feeling is as important as the other!

Imagine that you cannot feel happy anymore! Life would just be a nightmare! This is the nightmare that Riley feels during the days when she loses ‘Joy’! Inside Out talks perfectly about human emotions and psychology wrapped in a lot of fun.

This is a quintessential watch for people of all ages as it gives a whole bunch of things to learn along with a lot of entertainment.

An Inside tip: So next time when you suddenly have a mood swing, maybe it’s your mood panel fighting to take charge of you. But most importantly, they listen to you. So feed that what you want yourself to be!

3. Monster, Inc. (2001)

Monsters have a company where they teach themselves how to scare children (of humans, of course). A giant monster couldn’t, however, resist to develop a special connection with a little girl. The innocent adventure of the girl into Monster Inc. will do what an animated flick should do – make your day!

4. The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

There’s a whole world where politics takes a leap between rats and mice and one poor little mouse is forced to enter the treacherous, as they are, world of rats! This sounds like a fantasy description but this is not just what the movie is about.

The makers of the movie did a great job in depicting the transformation of a sincere soul, of the mouse in the movie, to a vicious villain. The whole movie, revolving around a kingdom of people, and another of little creatures has a great story to share.

The book-based movie is bound together by the big eared mouse, Despereaux, whose  adorable face keeps you intrigued through all the mysterious turns it takes later. This intelligent mouse – Despereaux and his princess friend, will sure make your weekend count.

5. Hotel Transylvania (2015)

What will happen when the human race fell in love with the monsters? Are you thinking Twilight? No! It can’t be. They were vampires! In this movie, a young human boy starts to develop feelings for a pretty monster face; and the latter is more than impressed with the charms of the chocolate boy. But enters monster-papa with his fair objections for the wedding.

The climax resembles a flying scene like any other love story! But monsters don’t need airports, they reach airplanes directly!

This fun-loaded, yet the engaging movie is worth a watch.


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