With reality shows trending, people are watching them more than watching the daily soaps that have nothing more than made up drama. Audiences are more into knowing the hidden facts rather than watching something that won’t do them any good. Moreover, people also get to know about some hidden secrets about their favorite celebs that will be cast in some reality shows. These shows are nothing but simple shows that ask the celebs to stay in a house without cell phones, without communication with the outer world, their friends and family and make it up to the finale. These celebs are also made to live a normal life where they don’t have any privacy. They have to share their room and bed with other celebrity contestants while doing the daily chores of the house.

Another reality show where celebs are seen is dance show where they are asked to dance with either some choreographer or some common person and win the show. One thing that audiences may not know is that these celebs are offered cash amount to be a part of the show so that the show may gain TRP and get benefitted. However, some celebrities have offered lump sum money to be a part of the show at the very beginning while others are paid on weekly basis that not only push them to survive the show till the end but also keep them motivated.

The pay packets that the celebs take home to appear in our favorite shows has been revealed by Cash Lady in this infographic .



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