Prince Rogers Nelson or just Prince, the American musician and songwriter, who was famous for blending erotic lyrics with funk and rock music breathed his last on April 21st in his recording studio in Minnesota and a sports anchor got terminated from job for paying tribute to the musician in an insensitive way. According to the latest media reports, Dan Phillips, a Nashville sports anchor was fired for paying tribute to Prince during a recent broadcast.


Dan Phillips, supposedly, made numerous references to many songs of the musician and that got him fired. He said that he lost his job as he incorporated the musician’s lyrics in this on-air broadcast that went live on April 21st, the day Prince passed away.  It was a four minute segment and the anchor made as many references to the musician and his songs as possible and while there were people who loved it, a handful viewers and also people from the management didn’t take it in the right way.  Fox 17 managers thought that it was inappropriate on his part to use such references and so, fired him from this job. They felt that references to erotic lyrics didn’t go well with the viewers and hence, such an act.

He opened his show by referring to his viewers as ‘dearly beloved’ which happens to be one the last star’s famous number. While giving some hockey highlight news, he mentioned “Let’s go crazy” amongst many other references to other Prince numbers.

The anchor, however, when contacted, didn’t confirm the reasons why he was fired from the station which is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. He had worked in the station for 10 years before being sacked, for reasons that are still unofficial.

However, Dan Phillips thanked people for all their likes, comments, and positive feedback, people gave for this 21st April show, which he dedicated to Prince. He also said that the termination has made him more confident and that he wants to use this as a catalyst for something that he has been long working on. The sports anchor recently posted his news footage on social media with a message that this is his tribute to his favourite music artist. He also wrote that viewers can either enjoy or laugh at him as he made as many references as possible in just a matter of 4 minutes. He also added that he is grateful to all for their support.


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