The Royal Family in England has a great reason to celebrate. Remember… Princess Charlotte, the second child of Prince William and Kate Middleton? She completed a year on May 2nd and the royal family is busy preparing for the celebration of their princess’s first birthday.

Cute and Oh! So! Adorable Princess Charlotte is finally a year old and the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge recently shared few pictures of their daughter princess that were taken in the month of April by Kate at their home in Norfolk. According to their spokesperson, the parents are more than happy in sharing the pictures of their adorable daughter. Pictures of her first ski trip with the family have also been shared and the small princess surely has a done quite a lot in her first year in the world. Let’s have a look at her royal journey.


The world fell in love with Princess Charlotte moments after her birth, when Prince William and Kate Middleton introduced her on May 2nd 2015. The tiny baby’s picture got circulated instantly and people couldn’t help but stare at her cuteness. Prince George, her two year brother couldn’t wait to take his sister on his lap. The media gathered around the hospital to capture images of the newborn and she was way cuter than the people imagined.

Kate Middleton didn’t want a nanny to look after her children. Instead she requested her mother, Carole Middleton, 61, to look after them and she happily obliged.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana or Princess Charlotte has been named her great grandmother and grandmother. And though she completed a year, we have not been much lucky in seeing her in many of the royal family pictures that were shared.

Charlotte’s first royal portrait was released on June 6, after much anticipation and people loved it more. The shot featured Prince George holding his little sister and looking down at her and it was such a beautiful picture. The princess was only 5 weeks old and she already looked regal, elegant, and royal being dressed in all white. A history was made during this photo shoot as it had a picture where Prince George is kissing his sister on her forehead. This picture is first of its kind in the sense; there is no other picture that shows a royal heir kissing his sibling.

More pictures followed with the royal Christening taking place in July and the second royal portrait was released in November. Pictures of their French Alp Vacation were also adorable.


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