Yes… that is the news that is doing the rounds and Kim Kardashian has a competitor on the field, and that competitor happens to be her brother’s better half. According to the latest reports by TMZ, a sex video featuring Tyga and his then girlfriend Blac Chyna has been leaked and it is finding its way to video companies in different parts of the world. However, Blac Chyna doesn’t want these videos to see the light of the day and she is trying her best to stop the circulation, and she has told her lawyer Walter Mosley, that she will take the help of the legal system in doing so. She unlike, her future sister-in-law doesn’t want to make her sex life public and garner attention with such sleazy acts.

blac-chyna-tyga-sex-tape-leaks-after-kuwtk-premiereHer lawyer was quoted saying that she’s ready to sue the person who is responsible for the leaking of this tape and she can go to any extent for that. The lawyer also said that his client is not filing a case yet as though the video has been sent to porn companies and other media outlets, they are yet to hand over any cash for the same. One of the reasons behind this might be the fact when you actually see the video; it is difficult to say whether the video features Blac Chyna and her ex-beau in real. The only thing that is clear from the images are the tattoos, that serve a clear indication that it’s actually them.  Even if it happens to be them, it must have been shot years ago as it shows amateur porn and it might be that they themselves filmed it.

Neither Blac Chyna nor Tyga were available for any comments regarding the leaking of their sex video; it is yet to be known as when the video was made. In California and few other states, there are laws to protect the images of celebrities, and they have the right to ban the publicity of such videos that might tarnish their images. Under such laws, there are provisions to protect the private lives of the celebrities from being made public, like their sex lives and similar things. So, there is a high chance, that the video will not be leaked by any adult video agency unless they have the requisite permissions from Tyga and Chyna both. They are parents to a little son.


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