On January 11, 2016 one of the most notorious drug lords of Mexico, El Chapo or Joaquin Guzman, had been arrested after he had escaped from jail back in July 2015. He had been arrested by the police in Mexico and the reason that he had been caught was because he had decided to contact some producers. He was looking to make a movie about his life and he had even met with Hollywood star, Sean Penn in a secret meeting.

hollywood's latest fashion trend set by jail escapee, El chapo

Shortly after his arrest had been announced, there was a photo that was released that shows him shaking hands with Sean Penn. In this photo he is wearing a silk shirt that has thick stripes of gray and blue on it with paisley designs on it, while Penn looks to be disheveled and wearing a black t-shirt. This image and the shirt have become the most recent hottest fashion trend in the Hollywood arena and almost everyone is trying to get their hands on one.

This photo had been posted on a website run by Barabas, which is based in Los Angeles, with the shirt being donned by El Chapo along with a hunky built man. The shirt had been offering their customers the chance to win one of these shirts simply by liking the post on Instagram and on Facebook. They would then give a specific number of shirts out to their customers for free, which was a huge hit.

The shirt was retailed at $128 and it was called the “Fantasy” men’s button shirt and it was paired with a pair of black pants, which was the exact outfit that was donned by El Chapo. These shirts have been flying off the shelves, despite the fact that they cost more than other shirts and everyone wants to wear the shirt that was seen with Sean Penn. There won’t be any more of this style of shirts in his future as he is currently waiting to find out whether or not he is facing extradition to the United States on various drug charges.

It is estimated that the value of the neighborhood where he lived was around $3 billion and he had finally been caught after a shoot-out with some Marines. 5 of the henchmen of El Chapo had been killed during the fire-fight and several others had been injured before the drug lord had finally been captured and taken back to jail.


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