On Monday, January 25, 2016, David Duchovny, who rose to fame while playing Agent Mulder on the hit series X-Files, has finally been given his own start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He had played on the long running science-fiction television show along with Agent Scully, who was played by Gillian Anderson. He says that he credits the television show as what started his career and shot him to extraordinary fame.

david duchovny, from X-files

These stars are given to actors and actresses from all different areas of acting, including television, movies and even musicians. They are something that everyone looks forward to getting and it is a sign that they have made it and that they are someone in the business. These stars are made of granite with the star being a beautiful pink color, while the exterior is black. The name of the star is written in gold and an icon is placed underneath that indicates what industry they came from. Some of the top names include Drew Barrymore, Mickey Mouse, James Cameron and many others and the stars of those who have won Oscars are typically close to the Dolby Theatre, which is a prime spot.

Duchovny, who is 55 years old, has spoken at the event where his star was unveiled and he had also paid tribute to Chris Carter, who had created the show. He said that if the show hadn’t ever been created, then he wouldn’t have ever had this shot and he wouldn’t be where he is today. He had also stated, “I wouldn’t have a career without Chris and The X-Files. That really made everything for me happen as an actor.”

Gary Shandling, who is a co-star of Duchovny had also been at the event where he had spoken. Not only had he spoken about the actor and his work, but he had also taken to talking about the current ongoing fight about the lack of inclusion of black actors and actresses. He stated, “First of all, it’s just great to see another white guy get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

The television show had came back to the screens in homes all over the world on Sunday night, which was just the day before he had been given his star. This show was once one of the most beloved series on television and many had been devoted to the show, which means that this return is something that they have been looking forward too.


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