Martin Sheen, the popular actor seems to be facing the age related medical effects and has recently undergone a quadruple bypass surgery.  This surgery is a major operation and also considered a serious one. Emilio Estevez, his son announced this on Facebook recently and described the bypass procedure as ‘very successful’.  Quadruple bypass surgery involves rerouting the heart’s blood flow and is often considered to be an age related procedure.

martin sheen undergoes successful quadruple bypass surgery

The 75 year old actor should come back to their residence by Christmas according to his son’s social media post.  He also wrote on Facebook that ‘the decision to operate on his heart was a proactive one, not an emergency situation’.  He also later tweeted a photo of Martin Sheen, his father with a pillow shaped in the form of a heart and showing a thumbs up. This photo must definitely have made his fans all around the world feel much better and less worried about him.  Evidently, sheen has had a past history with heart problems.  He suffered a cardiac attack when he turned 40 and many other small news of his ailments have come out every now and then in his 60 years of career in Hollywood.

He is best known for his roles in movies like ‘apocalypse now’ and ‘The west wing’.  Currently, he is one of the characters in Netflix show ‘Grace and Frankie’ in which he plays a divorce lawyer who separates from his wife and begin a relationship with a man.  His son also mentioned in his Facebook post that Sheen will be 100% ready and fit to be in season 3 of the show which is due in 2016.  All Martin sheen fans are desperately waiting for the actor to get fit and fine at the earliest and entertain them some more.

It is rather commendable how the actor has managed to entertain the audiences for about 6 decades. There are few who manage to hold on to a profession for so long and so nicely. We just hope that he continues to be in good health and keep putting up the same brilliant work, year after year. Martin Sheen is a gem in Hollywood and even inspite of his health troubles, he has never really taken a big off from work. His commitment can easily be seen in his work and on screen.  Let’s pray for a speedy recovery and many years of good health for him.


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