Popular X factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini seems to be doing pretty good for herself. She has recently bought a swanky new house for a whopping 5m Euros with her husband. This mansion reportedly has 6 bedrooms, a cinema as well as a gym. It seems like X factor hopefuls are thus in for a big treat the next time they get to go into the judge’s houses because of this development.

Every season, the contestants get to visit the houses of some of the judges of X factor and enjoy the luxuries for a short period of time. This time they definitely have a great chance to visit this new and luxurious den of the love birds.

cheryl fernandez versini buys new £5m mansion

This new mansion bought by Mrs. And Mr. Versini is located in Hertfordshire and also includes a swimming pool, a steam room and a rooftop bar.  This is definitely a vastly bigger and expensive house than where Cheryl grew up. It is reported that last year, Cheryl’s father had been forced to shift from his former council house home after it was condemned by the public.  It is known that Garry Tweedy lived in the former council house with Chezza’s step mother Joanne but the whole row of about 40 properties on the lane is being removed for certain security reasons.

Garry who split from Cheryl’s mother Joan Callaghan when the celebrity was 11 since moved to a two-bedroom semi nearby wherein the rental charges were just between 60 and 80 Euros and the properties go upto an amount of 45000 Euros.  According to a source, the couple thinks that this house is perfect.  They think that it has a lot of rooms for Cheryl’s family to stay in when they travel down from Newcastle.

Cheryl, 32 and her husband 34 are leaving their 4 million Euros digs in North London for their new country home. It is believed that the worth of the house is around 20 million Euros out of which 2 million Euros has come from the earning of X factor Judge Cheryl.  We hope and wish that the couple live peacefully in their new beautiful house and continue a happily married life. For someone who comes from the modest background like Cheryl, to be married to a rich person and then to move into a mansion is like a fairytale story come true.


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