There has been a lot of shock, surprise and speculation doing rounds ever since the famous music band One direction announced that it will be taking a break from making music together.  A lot of people have thought that the possible reason for split is some amount of tension among the band members. But as it turns out, there is no such reason behind this decision.

liam payne reveals real reason why one direction are taking a break

A lot of people also speculated that another reason for the same was that Harry Styles, one of the band members wanted to go ahead and pursue his person dream of becoming a real estate agent.  Well, even this isn’t the real reason, as it has been found out now.

Liam Payne seem to have revealed the actual reason behind this on Twitter and it is that the break is actually just a cover up to disguise the fact that the band is planning to remake iconic video of a generation, Shadow Pico. The band needs time to make this video and Payne has revealed that the band is both excited about this and a little anxious.

Well after this news we all are just hoping that the popular band comes up with a full length feature film or a possible trilogy-with cameos from all of the One Direction’s famous friends including Ed Sheeran and others.

The exact tweet which Liam posted goes something like this: “So here’s the reason we are really taking a break we need to take some time to make this…” followed by a link to the Shadow Pico YouTube trailer which featuring himself, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. Shadow Pico was actually created back in 2012 as a bad lip reading video. Well, according to some, this tweet from Liam Payne is just a joke, but who knows!

A lot of people who later realized that this was just a joke reacted by tweeting back ‘You Nearly gave me a heart attack Liam’ and so on.  The theory of this being a joke could also be due to the fact that it is true that they are splitting because they wish to tread on their individual dreams and endeavors and doing so is not possible with the band still being together and devoting all their time making music. Let’s wait and watch what the real reason is.


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