The United States Supreme court a while ago made same sex marriages legal in all the 50 states of the nation. However, a clerk from the Kentucky state marriage office – Kim Davis has come under the spot light. She had refused to grant a marriage licence to a gay couple, and was as a result incarcerated. A federal court order brings consequences with it if one breaches the same. Miss Davis might have managed to overlook this aspect or preferred jail over a marriage licence to a gay duo.

kim davis goes to jail

The lady has gone on record and given expression to a complicated thought process. In her defence she has said that she was a mere executor of the almighty’s will. She is also believed to have done this since she believes that granting the licence would have been against her Christian religious beliefs.

The federal court had ordered Davis to execute her duties of providing marriage licences to one and all without bias. However, she did not do her job repeatedly by refusing a marriage licence thrice to the couple. The actions of the clerk may not have found many takers but have managed to draw enraged reactions from a number of celebs.

The US district judge sentenced her to a jail reprimand until she starts meeting the requirements of the law as per the order of the Supreme Court. Many stars like Olivia Wilde, Star Jones and Andy Cohen have gone on social networking websites and criticised her.

While some comments refer to negligence of law in a government office, some have touted it as a victory for love and then others have questioned her very character. She has married a number of times (as per reports in the media 4) and this has further raised question on her nature and ability to be able to take such judgemental actions.

When the order finally came in there were many people outside the court house who started chanting that it was a victory of love over such typical mind sets which have become archaic. The festivities continued much later on various social networking sites.

Miss Davis however, did not go without support completely, with politicians (certain presidential candidates) trying to gain mileage out of this by saying that they support her actions as it will mean supporting the decriminalisation of their religion Christianity. There were calls of solidarity on her behalf from constitutionalists and faith holders.


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