Jessica Simpson seems to have landed in a thick soup lately. She owns a very successful clothing line, which has been slapped with a lawsuit. Yes, it seems like being on top of the fashion line comes with its share of problems and troubles.

The Employee of the Month actress is being sued over her clothing line because of the actions of her father Joe Simpson.  Reportedly, Joe stiffed a man called Jeffrey Bowler out of a huge finder’s fee when Jessica sold off the majority stake in her business.

jessica simpson sued over clothing line

The company called ‘The Jessica Simpson collection’ is now in trouble because Bowler claims that he and Joe made an agreement that he would get 10% finder’s fee if he found a buyer for the company. But the lawsuit will be difficult for him to win because this agreement was made about 10 years ago and that too over phone. This means that he has no proof to support his claim. In April 2015, Miss Simpson sold a majority stake in the business for $120 million and according to Jeffrey; it was him who output Joe in touch with a buyer. He says that he even arranged for a meeting to be conducted between the buyer and Joe.

Now Bowler wants $12 million as commission which the Simpson family is not giving him.  According to Jessica Simpson, she has never met Bowler and has had no dealings with him at all. It is difficult to tell who is telling the truth but it seems that the law will favor the Simpson family more due to lack of proof of an agreement. Meanwhile, Bowler is threatening to pull the entire family into an embarrassing situation and a lawsuit which will hamper their reputation.

Jessica and her mother Tina launched the brand back in 2006 in collaboration with Nine West co founder Vince Camuto.  The brand was an immediate success and the business has since then expanded to about two dozen licenses for women and junior clothing, sunglasses, handbags, shoes, jewellery, accessories and perfumes.  This brand can be found in more than 600 departmental stores including big names like Macy’s and Lord  & Taylor. The sales of this business are projected at $ 1 billion annually.

We can now only wait and watch how the lawsuit transpires and what results come out of it at the end.


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