In the early hours of 4th September, 2015 television presenter, Cat Deeley announced the good news of expecting her first child with husband Kielty. She even put out the date when they will have the child, which is somewhere around spring of next year. The 38 year old British T.V. show presenter from the globally famous show “So you think you can dance” had wed the comedian in a very private and hush-hush ceremony in 2012 in Rome. The text which the star had shared received many wishes and congratulatory messages on the website.

cat deeley pregnant with first child!

The news has followed up on reports of Patrick Kielty, the northern Irish presenter stating lightly about the probability of children with his wife. He had said that the kids should have his accent as both he and his wife Deeley have strong accents not easily comprehensible. The dynamic presenter duo had been friends for almost a decade before tying the knot and had met for the first time as co-hosts at the 2002 fame academy ceremony.

When queried on the amount of time it had taken for the friends to realise their bond, Patrick had blamed each person not being single at the same time and then the American assignments of Cat later. It had been an intimate matter with six friends each from the bride and groom’s side. Afterwards Cat had said that how she calls him Stu from stupid and about liking all the little elements of her marriage formalities. In media reports Kielty had also said that men must follow the lead of women when it comes to matters such as marriage.

Patrick, 44 years old fondly referred as Paddy by Cat, had continued to work in the UK as Cat had reached the big stage around 2006 with the popular dance show ‘So you think you can dance’. The love between the couple had not only remained strong but blossomed in spite of a transatlantic romance.

The baby announcement has come around 3 years after the 60 guest small wedding they had had. Cat had once stated in the media how she unlike many women had not been sure of her wedding dress. This has been quite the revelation considering the fact that she has always been praised for her fashion sense. Patrick last month had replied a query on family expansion as being a joyful surprise and the same is wished for the couple by all.


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