Ben Affleck has been on the front page of all Hollywood gossip platforms for the past few days, and no not for an upcoming release or a recent hit but he has been making news for his alleged affair with ex Nanny Christine Ouzounian.

Ouzounian was ex nanny to Affleck’s and Jennifer Garner’ three children but it is rumored that she was fired after the actress found out about the affair between her husband and the nanny. Even after being out of job, the ex nanny seems to be indulging and how!

ben affleck’s ex nanny poses with a new lexus convertible

Ex nanny was recently spotted with a brand new Lexus Convertible which is tagged at a price of a whopping $43000. In the pictures, she is also seen carrying a $478 Henri Bendel handbag. Seeing her in the pictures, it is difficult to tell that Miss Ouzounian was a former childminder.

She shared these pictures on Instagram and since then, the rumors have got more focus.  The caption of the photo read ‘Keep calm and meet my new drop top Lexi’ followed by a smiley. Christine spent the last two weeks holed up in a hotel in Bel Air to avoid media attention.

The 28 year old blonde tried to maintain a low profile after the rumors first started emerging but it seems like she is coming out in the open and very confidently at that.  We wonder who pays the bill of these expensive items and that too after she was fired and is currently unemployed. The pictures definitely bring back our focus to the rumors rather than dismissing them.  It has been rumored that the nanny was infact the reason for the growing tension between the couple and also for their divorce.

In the pictures, Miss Ouzounian is dressed in a white tank top and trainers. She is also wearing a Navy Blue blazer and skinny jeans. After being spotted in the luxury car, the blonde did some shopping at Sears.  She also was seen bragging about her car on Instagram when she posted with a tag ‘She’s just a girl and she’s on fire-Alicia Keys’.

The post quickly started gaining popularity and was circulated throughout the internet.  Later, a picture of her taking a private jet to Los Angeles also surfaced. She was with Ben Affleck and Tom Brady in these pictures which were taken in June.


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