Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck have been the epitome of the happy and strong couple for way too long; unfortunately now it seems they are finally headed for Splitsville. The couple who had been spotted at the West Hollywood Oscar party earlier in the year have hit a rough patch in their bond.

The two apparently will get a divorce and have already sought for professional help to make the “marital status” change easy for the family. The pictures of the popular couple exiting a session with a marriage counsellor had already sparked rumours of reconciliation in the industry.

ben affleck and jennifer garner begin marriage counseling


The two had gone for a session where Affleck had entered and left through the back and Garner through the front – opposite ways. Inspite of all the hoopla and unwanted spotlight over her personal life, Jennifer was seen in Brentwood L.A. shopping away quite happily. The mother of three kids was also seen without her wedding ring, although she was well decked in embellished sandals, navy sweat pants and a white t-shirt.

In recent times Ben Affleck has visited the family in Atlanta, Georgia a number of times where Garner was staying for shooting the movie Miracles from heaven with her three children Samuel, Violet and Seraphine aged 3, 6 and 9 respectively. The happy couple had completely comfortable and relaxed visit to a doctor’s office, despite of all the stressed demeanours from Affleck’s 15th August birthday celebrations during the weekend at Orlando, Florida.

Earlier in the year around June, the hot and happening married couple of 10 years had declared their intention to go separate ways. Garner has always looked happy and fit, back in California despite the Affleck – Ouzounian affair rumours. The primary reason behind the break up is the inappropriate relationship which Affleck, 43 admitted to having with the nanny Christine Ouzounian, 28. There are mixed reports as to whether the two are together, since some say that Affleck broke it up and some say they are going strong.

Reports from the Counselling session desk say that without their rings the two looked in a happy zone in spite of being physically with each other. However, the reports from this 2 hour long marathon session is not going parallel to what it is received in the media. The couple is repeatedly stating that they just wanted to move on in an easy manner and hence the counselling is to smooth the process.


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