Just like shoes and diamonds, handbags too are a favorite among women and is something which they just can’t get enough of.  From shopping bags to office bags and from casual bags to party handbags, women have several for each occasion and purpose and are still looking for more.

Handbag is not just a necessity but is a fashion accessory which is important to complete a look. Though there are many different types of handbags but there are a few types which every woman should own. The following is a list of the top 6 types of bags which are essential for a woman to have:

types of bags every woman should own

1. Crossbody Bags

This variety of bags used to be called casual bags once upon a time but nowadays, you can very gracefully carry them for a formal event or party as well. Crossbody’s are chic, stylish and so convenient to carry.

2. Evening Clutch

Whether it is a wedding, a dance party, a cocktail dinner or a formal event, an evening clutch is another essential piece that every woman must have. Any evening look can be completed by a nice looking clutch and you must buy one which can hold your phone, cash, makeup and other essentials.

3. Tote Bag

Tote bags are basically those bags which are carried on the shoulder. These bags usually have a lot of capacity and are a must have. Not only do they act like everyday bags but also prove to be good companions on a trip or vacation.

4. An Everyday Purse

It is important for every woman to also have an everyday purse for regular use. This is a bag which one can use every day, to work, to the market or even while visiting the relatives. Make sure the size of this bag suits your needs.

5. Wristlet

A wristlet is a kind of a small bag which is shaped like a wallet but can be held in hand. This bag is the best option when going to the nearby store or even for a Sunday brunch. Not only is it very convenient to use but also looks good.

6. A Travelling Bag

A travelling bag looks like a tote or a purse but has more space and a durable quality. This bag is important as it helps you to carry everything that you will need on your flight or journey.

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