Former Alaska Gov. vice president Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin dropped a bomb through a blog post. Just five weeks after calling off the wedding with her fiancé Sgt. Dakota Meyer at the eleventh hour, Paulin revealed to have being pregnant with her second child.

She had been trying very hard to keep her chin up on this news but ended up writing in the blog post that she thinks that there is absolutely nothing that she cannot do with God beside her and being fully aware that she is ready to handle anything that appears in front of her with grace and dignity.

bristol palin pregnant again

She realized that this news might as well be a great disappointment to her family, her close friends, as well as too many of her fan followers. This is because Palin had previously being a highly paid abstinence only crusader had promised that she would never again engage in premarital sex.

However, she is again having her second born just after announcing her wedding off. However, she urges everybody to give a little privacy to her and Tripp during this time as well as respect it. She was very strong about it and wishes that nobody shows her any sort of sympathy, because after all she is strong enough to take responsibility and is in no position to receive any sort of lectures.

Palin had her first pregnancy seven years earlier with her then boyfriend Levi Johnston, that became a huge news while her mother Sarah Palin was in the middle of her vice presidential candidacy announcement. She had welcomed her first baby Tripp Johnston in the December of 2008 further revealing the news of her breakup with Levi in about a three months time.

There were of course many criticisms from different sources. Some of them even calling her a hypocrite, because being a person who always jumps in first to give talks on moral and lectures, she herself demanded that she does not want any piece of mind from anybody. This led to a lot of controversial issues.

The call off of her wedding with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer was announced by Sarah Palin. She said that both Bristol and Dakota were very thankful for the love, support and well wishes that they received from their family as well as their friends in the course of the months planning for their beautiful wedding.


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