The show business is full of arty people who often say out loud obnoxious things which may be are just to capture attention. In such an incident in recent times the Grammy nominated singer Marilyn Manson stated that he had a crush on Madonna, famous for her song “Material Girl” and that would like to bed her if an opportunity presents.

Madonna has recently been in the news for some promiscuous shades. The 56 year old Diva Pop Queen had kissed in the course of Coachella the 28 year old Hollywood star Drake. The rapper had later mentioned clearly his stand on the kiss stating that he was disgusted. He further wrote that his initial shock should not be misconstrued and that he would feel 100 forever for having kissed the pop music diva.

manson expresses his sexual desire for madonna

The queen herself had later undermined the star by stating that she had felt as though she had been kissed by a girl and forewarned others of a kiss with Drake. Madonna is considered number one pop diva across timelines and today her worth is around $520 million. Her tours have enjoyed high earnings with average being over $1.2 Billion. The MDNA tour of 2012 saw her gain $125 million dollars and her net worth took a considerable bump.

Marilyn Manson is the classic American rock star – heavy metal who is known for more than 50 million in record sales. His songs are primarily meant for those who are disaffected and those who have an anti social and narcissistic edge to their thinking. He is known for his acting skills as well for movies like Lost highway from 1997 and TV presence through the show Sons of Anarchy recently.

In a recent interview given in the month of February Manson had said that he was freshly single. He was last linked with Lindsay Usich a photographer while Madonna had last been heard of dating Timor Steffens. Manson in an interview with i-D a well known fashion magazine stated that he liked the new album by Madonna – Rebel Heart and expressed interest in sleeping with Madonna.

In keeping with her style, Madonna took to a social media website and replied to the comment by stating that she was thankful for the gesture. The pop queen posted a photograph of Manson and underlined the picture with a note of thanks rather taking the comment in her stride and getting scandalised.


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