Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are going strong after one year of marital bliss and they came out to show the world just that on the social media. The rapper who is 37 years old came out on to a social media platform and shared a very enamouring message for his lady love on the day of their anniversary. The two had tied the proverbial knot around a year back with a lot of hoopla at Fort di Belvedere in Italy at Florence.

kim kardhashian and kanye west celebrate anniversary

Even after a year of marriage the love which Kanye West feels has not come down even a notch. His wife Kim was seen spending almost all weekend which was their anniversary weekend, sharing the photographs of her May 2014 nuptials.

It had been a fairytale wedding where the bride had looked exquisite in her Givenchy lace fish tail gown. The picture had been perfect when the Groom had kissed the bride to seal the bond against a back drop of a huge white flowers wall.

During the course of the weekend the Kardashian shared photos from their wedding which had not been seen before. The photo show had pictures from all over the week of their wedding celebrations and finally ended with a lot of pictures of the couple from their reception photo booth. She also captioned one of the photos declaring that she loved Kanye and wishing him happy anniversary.

The couple had begun dating way back in 2012 after Kim had just got out of a hasty marriage with Kris Humphries the NBA star. However, Kanye had a thing for Kim for long, what with his lyrics having special references to her, him trying to cosy up to her family as well as dating similar looking ladies. In 2014 April, in an interview he had stated that Kim had always been his favourite lady, however he had to make consistent efforts over the span of a decade to get his girl.

In a recent interview Kim agrees sparks at first sight; however, they had not acted on the same due to being committed otherwise. Her fans say that Kim has even done her fair bit, even though ex-girlfriend Amber Rose calling out Kim as a home breaker. Kim felt that after around 6 months of the failed marriage with Humphries that it was time to move on. She had known about Kanye’s true feelings for her, and the rest just fell into place.

The Lorraine Schwartz wedding bands are as of now doing their job and keeping this lovely couple together, no doubt with a lot of understanding and love all mixed in.


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