Kelly Rutherford is the known face from the hit TV series Gossip Girl based on a book series of the same name. She is also known for essaying the role of Stephanie Whitmore on the popular late eighties-early nineties soap opera Generations. Kelly had married Daniel Giersch the famous businessman from Germany after a failed earlier marriage with Venezuelan banker Carlos Tarajano, in 2006 August.

kelly rutherford wins the custody of kids all by herself

While Rutherford hoped for marital bliss, she got a different return. On 2008, the 30th of December while still pregnant with a second child, Kelly filed for divorce from Giersch. In 2009 August the couple managed to reach a temporary solution with equal custody of the kids till April, 2010. Subsequently, a restraining order was obtained against Giersch by Kelly. Further, to that his passport and visa were revoked since her lawyers had tipped off the state department about his illicit and shady business dealings.

In a 2012 California superior court session, Giersch could not be in the US due to Visa issues, therefore the children lived in France with him and Kelly would get visitation rights only. The actress underwent a lot of trauma and legal conundrums to invalidate the court decision, while the father had not even applied for fresh entry to the US.

The June of the year 2013 had seen Rutherford’s finances finally giving way to the extent that she had to declare bankruptcy claiming that she had spent almost all her earnings in legal fees which ranged between a million and a half to 2.5 million dollars. At the height of her plight she went desperate and started an online campaign which took signatures for her cause. Her celebrity friends came together and appealed for her and the required number of signatures was achieved.

Kim Kardashian was one of the celebs who most emphatically supported her and even posted a congratulatory message after she got the custody back on 24th May, 2015. Eight year old son Hermes and 5 year old daughter Helena will finally return to the US to reunite with their mother from Monaco. The motion will allow Rutherford to get a temporary custody of both children and also keep their passports till permanent custody is awarded.

Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction had also been quoted by Kelly when twice she was prevented from meeting her own children by Girersch, whereby USA remained the habitual residence of the kids.


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