In Hollywood many a times it happens that certain pairings become the prefect matches both on and off reel. The pairing of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield has been one which has been liked by the entire silver screen community ever since the two fell in love back in 2011. The couple started seeing each other somewhere around late 2011 and that too with a major fan following.

emma stone and andrew garfield

Earlier this year in March and early April, reports surfaced that the couple were on a break and the reason behind the distancing of the hearts was the lack of spending time together due to work. The claims had gone so far as to say that the couple had in fact decided to call it quits permanently.

The rumour mills went into overdrive post a solo show at the golden globes by Stone for her Birdman nominations. There also much talk of the split being due to a little tryst which Garfield had when in Taiwan promoting his latest movie. The couple had remained tight lipped throughout the media reports of an alleged split. There were even suggestions that the two had grown apart and that the behaviour of Garfield was changed in his approach as well.

However, then came the change in fortunes when towards late April reports surfaced that Emma had been seen carrying a bag with Andrew’s name on it. While, some said she might just be returning things which belonged to her Ex, the reason was not accepted since why would she take it to her stylist’s place. Thus, reports of reconciliation found stronger base when the adorable duo were seen looking very content at an outing at Calif –Malibu in recent times. At a restaurant called Malibu Farm Emma was seen to embrace Garfield’s parents affectionately at a special London “Aloha” (Her recent movie release) screening.

Emma has been busy with the promotions of her Bradley Cooper starrer Aloha while Andrew has been busy with Silence in Taiwan, a Scorsese movie. The couple has been spotted together at a number of places such as Ralph’s Groceries as well as at Sushi Park. The two have been going on dinner dates and recent pictures find Emma really springy in the company of Andrew. Recently they were also seen leaving the Cafe Gratitude in California’s Venice. Thus, for the moment it seems they truly are back.


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