After he ended his relation with the boy band One Direction, young heartthrob Zayn Malik have apparently decided to drop the phrase 1D from his twitter handle. His fans however seem heartbroken by the news. His Twitter handle now reads only @zaynmalik to the disappointment of many of the fans who were hoping that he will soon get back to where he belonged.

zayn malik drops the name of one dimensionMalik Quits the Band

Earlier this year, Zayn Malik had severed the ties with the band itself. On 25th of March the official disclosure came from the side of the singer to the shock of many fans. However, it has been stated that the other band members, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were made aware of this beforehand.  It was believed that he was not happy with his life as a member of the popular band. Some sources also claim that he felt uncomfortable handling the fame that they earned.

Malik had earlier quit the band midway during a tour among controversies. It also coincided with his alleged relationship troubles between him and his fiancé Perry Edwards.

Dropping the Name of the Band and its Reactions

In a news that was reported by various medias on the 1st of May, it was seen that Malik has attempted to pull himself further away from the band by dropping the name One Direction from the Twitter hand, which, just a few days ago read @zaynmalik1D. But before he made this separation official Zayn Malik posted a message thanking all his fans for their support during his time with the band 1 Direction. As he went ahead to remove the name of the band, he also erased the link from the official website of the band 1 Direction from his bio in the social media.

How did his fans react to this decision in the social media? Obviously, there was quite an amount of shock and disappointment among them. Those who were hoping for a return of the artist to the band that made him a household name, in not so distant future, were heartbroken. However, the reactions seemed mixed.

While some of his fans wished him luck and supported him in his decision, many others soon started using the hashtag with the following phrase “You will always be Zayn Malik 1D”. Soon this was trending worldwide and must have caused a bit of annoyance on the part of the singer. With his declared wish for some personal time away from the band, this trend will surely not have made him very pleased.


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