Though Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have officially ended their relationship a few days back, it seems that Patrick is still upset with his ex fiancée, and called her a ‘hypocrite’. Interestingly, one might remember, the 5 month old relation between the 22 years old Cyrus and the 21 years old Schwarzenegger came to an end following the leakage of his picture with a bikini clad girl. Now it is Patrick’s turn to get back at Miley?

patrick schwarzenegger upset with ex-girlfriend Miley

Why is Patrick Calling Miley a Hypocrite?

Miley Cyrus, before she dated Patrick, had broken up with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. On 24th April, just a few days after she broke up with Patrick, Miley was seen having dinner with her ex flame Liam Hemsworth at the Soho house in LA.

The news is that for the last few months, they have been messaging each other and have been in touch. This news has infuriated Patrick Schwarzenegger who has called his ex girlfriend a hypocrite. Apparently, he was upset to know that Miley had kept exchanging messages with her ex behind his back.

What Happened Between Miley and Liam?

Miley and Liam met each other in 2009 on the sets of a film titles “The Last Song”. They started dating each other in 2012 but ended the relation in September 2013. They were even engaged to be married. It has been said that Liam tried to cut Miley off while she kept messaging him and finally he gave in. And now since they are found hanging out together, both single, the grapevines are abuzz that they will be getting back with each other very soon. This will probably enrage her current ex boyfriend Patric even more.

A source close to Patrick said, he thought that it was hypocritical on Miley’s part to make an issue of Patrick hanging out with his ex Taylor burns and another bikini clad girls. Patrick believed that since Miley kept texting her ex, it was highly hypocritical for her to make a big deal about the issue of honesty in a relationship and finally breaking up the relationship.

It was also known, that Miley apparently have never discussed Liam and her past relationship with Patrick, since he was jealous of Liam. Now that her connection with Liam during the time of their relationship is out in the open, Patrick feels Miley has not only been hypocritical but was also unfair to him. In this issue, he might not be wrong, as many people will argue. In the mean time one wonders how Miley will react to this.


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