Kim Kardashian, the reality television star is famous for her dressing sense though she has often been in news for the wrong reasons. On last Thursday she almost had a wardrobe malfunction at the Jimmy Kimmels Live! Show, where evidently, her cleavage was exposed more than she herself had expected. The stunner looked quite flustered by the way her dress was shaped and even admitted that she did not expect it to be that revealing.

kim kardashian’s wardrobe malfunction at the jimmy kimmels show

Kim Kardashian in Jimmy Kimmels Live!

Kardashian was present at a late night show named Jimmy Kimmels live! to promote her book book of selfies Selfish and was seen wearing a skin tight body suit with a  blazer, with a sheer maxi lower. The dress complimented beautifully the gorgeous mother of one, but as she sat down for the interview, the front open dress revealed more than what would have been comfortable for the lady herself.

Was it a Wardrobe Malfunction?

It was not technically a wardrobe malfunction, but many would agree that it was close to one. The 34 year old star herself knew that there was something wrong with her dress. It was so obvious that even the host Jimmy Kimmel could not stop from staring. It was then that Kardashian admitted that she had not checked how the dress will behave when sitting down and seemed a bit embarrassed about the two much show of her cleavage.

What is a sit state, you wonder? Kim Kardashian explained that is a trial she does with her dress and accessories, before an interview to make sure that everything is working right with the outfit even in a sitting posture. But the show host Kimmels told her that it is a good thing then that Kim has forgotten the routine. And Kim agreed that she was intending to look hot, which, Kimmels assured her, that she did.

She then said she was there for a serious reason and would not want her cleavage to steal the thunder from her book, which she was there to promote. Of course looking nice did add to her cause, don’t you think?

This however was not the first time where ms Kardashian had such an embarrassment regarding her dress. Earlier this year, during the Grammy Awards she had another wardrobe malfunction when she was wearing a Jean Paul Gaultierre dress, which was really racy. But to Kim’s disappointment, a heavily embellished pocket of that dress fall off while she was on the Red Carpet.


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