Justin Bieber had been in a group of six men who were in Toronto, Canada on December 30th, 2013 and they had decided to get a ride using the online transportation application called Uber. The driver that had responded was named Abdul Mohar and he is 34 years old and he filed the lawsuit that alleges he was assaulted by Bieber on Friday in Toronto court. 

He said that the altercation had started when he had been asked to turn up the music in the limousine, but had refused. After refusing he had been punched in his head by the man he says is the baby faced crooner, Justin Bieber. He says that he was hit hard after Bieber had climbed into the front seat and had turned the volume up to the loudest level possible himself. 

uber driver suing baby faced crooner, justin bieberThe driver is looking to get some $850,000 in various damages and wants a court order that would keep the singer from getting within 100 meters of him or his vehicle. However, Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan said that the lawsuit doesn’t have any merit, especially since when the driver had called 911 he had said that the person who had assaulted him was black. He also said that after a careful examination of the evidence the charge had been withdrawn by the Crown attorney. 

However, now Mohar is saying that because of the shock he had misidentified the person who had assaulted him and that the people with Bieber had not cooperated with the police so they could protect their friend. Apparently this incident has led Mohar to visit a local hospital on 2 different occasions because of high stress levels. Mohar has been a service worker for quite some time and has 2 kids and says that we reside in a civilized society and that we need to respect each other. 

One has to wonder why after nearly 2 years the driver is just now filing charges and is he doing it just to try to exploit money out of the singer? However, we all know that Bieber hasn’t had the best behavior, so we are all waiting to see what happens. Bieber hasn’t yet filed any statement of defense with the courts, but we assume that it will happen shortly. Recently, many people have been taking jabs at him on various television shows, including Martha Stewart and Kevin Hart because of previous antics.


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