There is a long list of celebrities that have managed to get married on the sly, but Mila Kunis, 31, and her famous partner, Ashton Kutcher (the 37 years aged handsome celeb) have been keeping the whole world in suspense about whether or not the couple had tied the knot. However, Kunis had appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

 mila kunis slips and announces her marriage to ashton kutcherShe had been one of the very first guests to appear on his show and they had been discussing Wyatt Isabelle, who is her daughter with Kutcher. Wyatt had been born only last October after the couple had been dating since April 2012 and had been engaged not even 2 years later. However, Corben had picked up Kunis’ hand to check for her engagement ring and instead found another ring! 

When he spotted that ring he immediately popped out the question about whether or not the couple had secretly gotten hitched and Kunis had replied with a short and succinct answer of maybe. Corben had then proceeded to remind her that she could not have married Kutcher, and that they either were married or unmarried. 

At that point he had started searching her hands for the stunningly beautiful engagement ring that she was given last year by Kutcher only to find a different ring altogether. This led him to announce to the world wide fans that they had indeed tied the knot at that they were going to turn the taping into a wedding party instead and that too very soon. He had later apologized to Kunis if he had offended her to which she had replied that everything is fine in an affirmative tone. 

Also, during the same episode she had admitted that she had recently been thinking about having second baby since she admitted that she loved the feeling of being pregnant and really loves the days of motherhood. In fact, all women would love to be moms, at least if they had Kutcher’s baby too! 

So far neither of representatives for the couple has answered the questions regarding the marriage and you can only find out if she was joking by watching the rest of the episode. We are hoping that she isn’t joking because they make the most beautiful pair! However, it is sad for the rest of the female population because they now know that they don’t have a chance to steal Kutcher from Kunis!


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