What do puppies have to do with a concert held by Ariana Grande? Well, it seems that the pony tail loving crooner has rescued 15 rescue dogs for which she paid the fees and she is giving them up for adoption during her concerts. Everyone who loves Ariana (the popular and pretty American singer) knows that she is a big dog fan and she has plenty herself, including Ophelia, Toulouse, Coco, Fawkes, Cinnamon and Sirius Black.

head over to one of ariana grande's concertsShe had announced that she would be giving away these dogs during her concerts on March 20th over Instagram and she had said that she was working in combination with Barkbox and Badass Brooklyn in order to bring her New York fans a special surprise. All of these dogs need some loving, a family and a home and she is hoping that her fans will reach out and take care of these loveable creatures for her.

Don’t think that just anybody will get to bring home these loveable puppies, but only those who express interest in the dogs and love them adorably, which will be shown between the sets performed by Cashmere, Rixton and Grande will be screened. The process will be the same as if they were going to adopt the dogs from the shelter, but the catch is that the fee is already paid by the famous Ariana Grande. The potential families will have to be screened in order to take the dogs home, which ensures that they will have a good home.

They will be putting up links on the big screens with links to the team in charge of the dogs, who will be able to help the fans find out more information about the dog and potentially meet their future furry friends as well. Grande has thanked her fans for helping these dogs and was seen cuddling up to them n Thursday night.

She has two shows coming up this weekend and she is hoping that her fans will be able to open their hearts to these dogs just like she has. However, Big Sean, who Ariana is currently dating hasn’t said anything about the initiative, but we’re sure that he supports her just like he does in everything else. So make sure that you hit up these concerts because only 15 people will be able to say that Ariana Grande helped hook them up with their new furry family members.


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