There are many couples who have split up or are just friends and have ended up as friends with benefits and these days there are rumors flying that Orlando Bloom, who is a famous actor well-known for the Pirates of the Carribean series and Miranda Kerr, who is a model have done with their relationship are just friends for mutual benefits.

The couple was together for quite some time and shares parenting of their 4 year old son and everyone is saying that they are taking advantage of being friends, but this time with benefits they previously had.

orlando bloom and miranda kerrThe couple had announced that they were separating in October 2013, which was 3 years after they had been married and they have a son together named Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom. They had initially met and started dating back in 2010 and ever since their divorce they have remained friends, but now the relationship has progressed to more than just friends. 

A source has claimed that this is what their relationship is now termed, friends with benefits and that they are taking advantage of every opportunity that they have to get together, which has brought them much closer than before. Also, some think that this might be one of the best arrangements for the son they share and that Bloom has been jealous of the recent link ups of Kerr. 

Since they both split up, Kerr has been linked to plenty of famous names, including both James Packer and the baby-faced crooner Justin Bieber. Apparently, that is why Bloom and Beiber had gotten into a fight at Ibiza last year since Bieber had asked Bloom to say hello to Kerr for him, which was the apparent reason for the fight. It is also been rumored that Bloom was spotted with Selena Gomez, who is a singer and actress and was previously hot and heavy with Bieber in an off and on relationship. 

These rumors come fast on the heels of last month’s Oscar party held by Vanity Fair in Los Angeles when the 2 had left together instead of alone. We can’t blame Kerr for wanting to get back into bed with Bloom, who wouldn’t want to get in bed with such a hot man? Who wouldn’t want to be friends with benefits with either of the 2? We’re sure that there are plenty of men and women waiting in the back for their own chances.


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