Couples in the glamour world are made each day. However, when both belong to the spot light; the interest doubles in the pairing. Michael Phelps is a 29 year old who has already won the Olympic medal. Nicole Johnson was crowned Miss USA from California for 2010. Last Sunday, the 22 time Olympic medallist announced his engagement to the gorgeous beauty queen via a social media.

It has been tough time for Phelps suffering a six month suspension. Thus, when long time girl friend Nicole said yes to his proposal, it cheered up matters. He is the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympics but last September he received a second DUI and thus had to serve a suspension.

michael phelps engaged to nicole johnsonThe 18 time gold medallist and the Miss California pageant winner have been seeing each other for the past couple of years on and off. The DUI arrest meant that he could return to competition after a six month hiatus. Bob Bowman who coaches the star athlete had told media that Michael intends start competing again from April of this year.

While that may happen, the champion performer has yet to let on any idea about his plans with respect to the Rio Olympics in 2016.

On a popular social media website, a photo of the couple was posted first by Phelps which hinted that Nicole had agreed to his proposal. The engagement comes after many years of being together as the couple had started dating around the year 2007. Nicole soon after shared a picture of the couple in an embrace upon snow taken by Phelps team mate Allison Schmitt (training partner to Phelps).

The photo carried a caption from Nicole stating that she was going to be a Mrs soon. In another photograph also taken by the super performer swimmer and six time Olympic champion Allison Schmitt also posted by the bride to be, one can even get a close look at the engagement ring. Congratulatory messages kept flowing right from the moment the posts went online. However, a notable post came from the sister of the world renowned groom.

Hillary in a comment expressed her exhilaration as well as lauded the couple for their coming together decision. There was another picture where the entire family raised a toast to the couple. Nicole comes from a Westlake village community which is quite swanky. The love between the couple has kept them going through the standard ups and downs and this was also apparent when in 2012, Phelps had quoted that he was at the then Miss California pageant in a break from training – only for his lady love.


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