The world under the spot light is challenging. Celebrity singer and actress, the late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was recently under the harsh lights of scrutiny when she was found face down and sans response on 31st January in her own bath tub. It is being reported in the media that she was a substance user. Apparently, before being found in the critical condition, she had been using different kinds of drugs.

Various sources claim that substances such as Xanax, cocaine and heroin as well as doing excessive alcohol consumption in the times leading up to the event. Her boyfriend as per media reports has admitted that when she drowned, drugs were present at the home in which the couple lived. This disclosure was made by the celeb in legal papers which had been filed in connection with seeking a restraining order on the security footage being seized by the authorities.

bobbi kristina brown on eroin and other drugs

The house in which the two lived was  owned by the Bobbi Kristina’s late mother Whitney Houston and situated at Georgia in Roswell. For a while now, Nick Gordon the 25 year old partner of the ailing Bobbi has claimed that the two are married. They have been through a very turbulent relationship and have managed to hold on by a string. Earlier it had been reported that Fulton County Superior courts had received an application for putting a hold on an order preventing the company Nest from allowing security footage acquisition from them.

Nick also makes claims that due to a feud over money, he is currently banned. The case was withdrawn as soon as it caught the media’s attention. The investigation by Roswell Police department has revealed that drugs may have in all probability been present on the particular premises. Bobbi Kristina has been in a critical condition ever since she was rushed to the medical authorities.

Many sources have come out and claimed stories about her substance abuse issue, so much so that one source claims that she used to be incoherent due to slurry speech and being high most of the time. If memory serves right back in 2012 Houston, the mother of Bobbi had been found dead in a Beverly Hilton hotel which was attributed to cocaine.

The family has a history of substance abuse issues, with the father accepting openly back in 2011 his issues with respect to drugs of any kind. Nick stands debarred from Atlanta Hospital till he provides a full and final account of the ordeal faced by Bobbi.


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