Taylor Swift is known for not only her vocal talents but also a very strong stage presence. Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift are friends and thus Taylor Swift was going to be there for sure when JT performed at the New York City, Barclays centre last weekend. December 14, last Sunday, Brooklyn rocked to the star and other popular musicians.

The 20/20 experience world tour by Justin Timberlake and company reached Brooklyn and had the crowd grooving to peppy numbers by a number of talents such as Beyonce. When the song Holy Grail came up, even Jay Z joined Timberlake as Jessica Biel, JT’s better half applauded and enjoyed from the audience.

taylor swift & beyoncé dance at justin timberlake's showThe song was planned to be a solo performance by Timberlake but the duo of JT and Jay Z came up with a combination last moment to give the audience a surprise. This was expected, as in the prior year Justin had featured on the Magna Carta Holy Grail album while Suit and Tie from the house of JT had Jay Z. The two had also started upon the Legends of the summer tour together. Thus, when Memphis met JT and company even Beyonce shared stage with Swift due to the Carter connection.

As Jessica Biel was seen beaming all the way while under pregnancy rumours, Beyonce and Swift juggled steps. The impromptu jig between Beyonce and Taylor was unplanned yet very pleasing to the eye considering they had no idea they were being recorded. People are now saying that Taylor Swift has a side which can jive well especially when she feels no one is watching. It was rare occasions as Beyonce was seen letting loose and Taylor swift was egging her on to get into the act.

The shake it off hit single maker had earlier during the weekend celebrated her 25th b’day in Newyork in a starry flashy bash. Sam Smith, Karlie Kloss, Jay Z, Justin and Beyonce had attended the same. Swift had come to the concert with three Haim singers. Beyonce had then joined from the VIP section as the Haim singers and Swift danced away and sang. As the world watched Swift and Beyonce shake it, Taylor was dressed in a flashy silver skirt and black top.

Beyonce while cheering for husband looked exquisite in black and white apparel which was tight and well fitted. While Biel and JT expect to soon welcome an addition to their family, JT had toured with JAY Z from June till August. The 20/20 tour will culminate in early January, having commenced in November, 2013.


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