The Kardashians are famous. In the footsteps of sisters Khloe, Kourtney and Kim, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have also garnered a lot of spot light at a very young age. Where ever they go, the media just can’t get enough of the duo. However, often they are subject to unwarranted intrusions and baseless rumours which make life more interesting than desirable.

In the past some time a spate of rumours has surrounded Kylie Jenner, the younger of the Jenner sisters. The rumour mills have gone into overdrive without a single clarification coming from the young starlet. The first of the rumours which began circulating was that she had gotten pregnant. It was being whispered that the man responsible was rapper Tyga, a.k.a. Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson.

kylie jennerWhile rumours are not something new as far as the Jenner and Kardashian sisters are concerned. However, the ticking off was apparent as on December 11, Thursday – She took to a social networking website, to do some much sought clearing of the proverbial air. Just a day before this response the starlet had been caught by shutterbugs selecting a Christmas tree in ripped jeans donning a very chic look all over.

She in her message makes it clear that she has no intentions of becoming a rapper. She goes on to make it further clear that she is in no way considering a move like marriage, let alone the same with a rapper. This was done to specifically clear the air about the 17 year old and the suspected tryst she is said to have with the 25 year old rap musician.

Reports were coming in that Kylie and Tyga were going to elope. However, recently sightings of Tyga have given a twist to this. He was spotted with Sacramento Kings owner, Vivek Ranadive’s daughter, Anjali Ranadive while the two were getting on a plane. Rumour town was also rife with news that Tyga and Kylie were planning to elope to Mexico and tie the knot since Kylie was expecting Tyga’s child. It is believed that these rumours spurted due to a spotting of Kylie last month with her leaving the family gynaecologist’s office.

However, the two had never officially announced their relationship. Last October, Tyga had confirmed that the rumours were without truth and that they had come up without cause. However, in a recent picture posted by Kylie where she is seen in an intimate snuggle with Tyga, she has confirmed that the two are an item. Tyga is the father of King, the two year old son of Kylie’s elder sister Kim’s friend Black Chyna.


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