The amount of news print and media coverage as such, which has been spent on this family make them very identifiable. The Kardashians are always under the spotlight. They do well under it and know very well how to keep hogging it. The reality show on their family sent them into households across the English speaking parts of the globe. While, Kim is the most famous, sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie are not far behind.

Kourtney recently came in the news for the third addition to her family with partner of long time, Scott Disick. The holiday season is on and the mother of three will have her hands full. She gave birth to a beautiful boy on December 14th, last Sunday. The couple had two kids already in Penelope Scotland aged 2 and elder son Mason Dash aged 5.

kourtney kardashian welcomes a sonThe couple received wishes from all corners. A notable congrats came from sister Khloe’s ex French Montana in the form of a handwritten note. In the note, he writes that he wished they could name the child Daddy or Haan and best wishes from Uncle French. The note was shared by the proud father on a social networking website since the two had become good friends during the shooting of one of Kardashian reality television dramas in the summer.

Kourtney had said in the media that she enjoyed her pregnancies and that it made her realise how beautiful a pregnant figure looks and that she was comfortable with the feel and look of the same. There is currently no news about a name whose gender was revealed by the parents in their reality show. Coincidentally the new baby brother to Mason and Penelope was born on the fifth birthday of Mason.

The proud mother wrote on a social networking website that how Mason had changed her life for the better that she felt honoured to be the mother of the coolest baby boy and that she learnt a lot from him. The other Kardashian sisters also took to social media to shower their five year old nephew with wishes as well. It has been revealed that young Mason was hoping for a little sister. However, it was aunt Khloe who calmed him by making him realise of all the nice times he was going to have with a brother such as Lego and aliens games.

The 35 year old had not shied away from showing off her pregnant body unlike other celebrity mothers and said that while she would not do a photo shoot post pregnancy, she did so before to celebrate her pregnant body shape.


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