While the book became the talk of the town right from its release in 2011, the movie franchise spawned by the romantic and erotic genre plot penned by British author E.L. James. The book is a trilogy and so will the movie franchise.

The journey for the 2015 Valentine’s Day release began on July, 23rd with the release of the first saucy trailer. The trailer had seen Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey with that hallowed grey tie and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, looking simply spectacular. The expectations had been high and the trailer had come up with all the goods, showcasing the awkwardness of the first time they, that is, Christian and Anastasia had met. It had also shown the first moment when Anastasia had come to face the fabled room of pain in all its red glory.

fifty shades of grey hot posterThe trailer which had left desires soaring and burning since its debut on the Today’s show exudes of the vulnerability of Anastasia making it apparent that E.L. James herself must have played a role in the scheme of things. The chemistry between the exquisitely hot Christian and innocently vulnerable Ana teases just enough to keep fans wanting more.

The latest trailer which premiered recently on November 13th, 2014 had been preceded by a hearts set aflutter poster. The latest poster which is in black and white has a dishevelled Christian in a white top unbuttoned shirt, clenching the fabled grey tie. While Anastasia cannot be seen in the poster, it is apparent what the usually prim and proper, but here a tad unkempt Christian Grey has in mind for her.

The iconic grey coloured tie and the incredible levels of seduction exuding from his posture are clear call to his lady love that it most certainly was time to play a bit. The poster is in reality a kind of progression from the earlier trailer which had him putting on the tie with it being off in the poster. In the recent trailer fans got to see a shirtless Christian getting dressed, who then chooses the famous tie along with one of those revered suits.

The trailer which aired during a Scandal airing on the 13th of this month saw Christian and Ana sans clothing to the background tune of Haunted by Beyonce. In the clip one can see the famous Mr. Grey sifting through his collection of ties which he puts to a certain specific use. While the movie is not expected before 2015 February, the recent combination release of the poster and super hot trailer can keep fans somewhat satiated.


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