In her signature manner, Kim Kardashian has dared to decommission the internet with a full frontal bare all act. She is known to set tongues wagging with her incredible take on life and lifestyle, but this time the buzz is really abound. The new risqué Jean Paul Goude pictures have already become talk of the town. The racy and saucy pictures on the cover of Paper Magazine are expected to go beyond the winter issue bare booty show.

The images show Kanye West’s better half show her famous hind and others with much side boob to appreciate. While the idea originally had been to show only her butt, Mickey Boardman the editorial director of the magazine Paper states that the idea to go for the full Monty came from the model herself.

kim kardashian bares all in new paper mag picturesThe magazine spokesperson’s further say that the picture depicts Kim with absolute reality and that only miniscule retouching was done. The images show Kim not the slightest bit camera conscious in showing herself off sans clothing or with bare minimal of it. In one shot she is seen holding on to her dress around her knees while in another she is found steeping out of a shiny dress with a cocktail countenance to put her perfect bare breasts on show for all.

In the pictures one can see that the glamourous socialite and reality television diva has an oiled look. She is found to be in a delightful mood with apparently baby oil. There had been much speculation that the oil smearing had been done by hubby Kanye, but the magazine confirms that the essential task had actually been executed by a makeup artist with whom she works often and shares the requisite comfort with.

While the common comprehension must be that the diva must have dropped all inhibitions for an astronomical sum, the contrary is true. The magazine apparently never had the means to pay Kim as per her market value and hence compensation did not play a role in her assenting to do it. It was in fact the chance to work with celebrity photographer Jean-Paul Goude which cinched the deal.

If reports are to be believed than the reality starlet is going for a final hurrah in the form of this photo shoot since she plans on putting her pre baby on show before having the stork call on her again. For fans of the 34 year old star’s famous derriere, the current shoot is a bit of a letdown though since that is the one part which is hidden from view in the latest photo shoot.


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