The actress who warmed hearts with her performance in sitcom Marry Me, Casey Wilson is set to get to visit from the stork. The soon to be mum is expecting her first child with husband David Caspe who is a film writer and well known for his film That’s my Boy. The good news came about a mere seven months from their nuptials ceremony in Ojai, Calif at the Ojai valley Inn on 25th May. It is being said the child to be is sure to take after the funny nature of the parents. This side of the couple had come to light when the couple had posted a pic with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who had married around the same weekend David and Casey tied the knot.

casey wilson expecting with first childCasey more famously known for her portrayal of character Penny Hartz of three season comedy from ABC Happy Endings is currently starring in Marry Me, an NBC show by her husband. The show is basically about this engaged couple who realise the complexities of a relationship and is also being touted as being based loosely on Caspe and Wilson’s own bond. The couple had met in 2011 while working on the television show Happy Endings and had later in the September of 2013 got engaged.

Eight months later the much in love couple had tied the proverbial knot in a private ceremony with only close friends and family in a traditional and intimate Jewish ceremony (a Kiddushin underneath a chupah) with Oprah sadly having been a no show. The couple had themselves foretold around three months back that the couple was ready have a new addition to their family with Casey stating that she would love to have children.

David, 36 years old had also joked about his father saying that it would be alright if Casey were to be expecting at the wedding. Casey had gone a step further by saying that she did not want to later repent that due to work she had not been able to be a mum.

Casey, 34 years was recently seen donning the role of Noelle Hawthorne in the Hollywood movie Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The beautiful Brunette has a spate of releases in the form of Me Him Her and The Breakup Girl. While The Breakup Girl is about a trio of estranged sisters who are coming to terms with their father’s demise, Me Him Her is about a trio of youthful leads who try to discover friendship, love and sex in a surreal and weird manner.


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