Bridget Jones is a likeable and loveable story of a spinster who is drawn to two men. The quite popular movie franchise has enthralled audiences for two movies already. The movies have been adaptations from author Helen Fielding’s books and have enjoyed much fan following along with worldwide commercial success.

The third book of the series (Bridget Jones: Mad about the boy) was released last year and since garnered a lot of positive reviews and sold over a million copies which was even celebrated by the author through the hosting of a charitable event. The British heartthrob about two year ago had told media that the third movie in the series had been on hold because of a script issue.

bridget jones act - IIIThe actor who played and made famous the character of Daniel Cleaver had found disagreement with the script then and has now announced that he is no longer associated with the project. The 54 year old actor of Nine Months fame said that he felt, the script was lacking although the book had been quite nice.

While in the book the character played by Colin Firth (Mark Darcy) has been shown as having been killed while working for the release of aid workers in Sudan by a landmine, the movie will see him alive along with Renee Zellweger reprising the role of Bridget.

In the third instalment of the book series, the characters of Hugh Grant and Renee are not involved romantically, however Daniel Cleaver was shown to have played a key role in the lives of the widow Bridget’s children. The chances of the film finally happening are slim since neither has it been picked by any of the movie production studios yet, nor is the movie based on the 2013 book.

Author of the series Henry Fielding will still be doing the screenplay for the movie. In as near as September, Tim Bevan who is the Working Title Films co-chairman had said that all the three lead actors were to reprise their roles. Back in 2012 rumours were afloat of Grant having exited the project but Bevan and Grant had both dismissed the same back then.

Hugh Grant, who is presently promoting his latest romantic comedy movie, The Rewrite, had said the second film had seen him play a definite role in scripting and that he had proved quite difficult when it came to certain character aspects of his role. Hugh had last played the role in the 2004 movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and is slated to star in the greatly anticipated The Man from U.N.C.L.E. which will be a Guy Ritchie movie.


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