Yahoo has been able to confirm that, Eva Mendes conceived a baby girl on Friday, September 12. This is the first kid for the performing artist, 40, and beau of three years, Ryan Gosling, 33.

Reportedly, Gosling is in love with his new baby daughter and is doing everything he could to pamper his little angel. Mendes is loving her share of being able to be called ‘mom’. And as expected, both grandmas Gosling and Mendes are doing every bit of pampering for their granddaughter and are making sure she gets love from everything she can touch.

ryan gosling and eva mendesBits of gossip initially swirled that Mendes was expecting in February when she apparently told TSA authorities at Los Angeles Universal Air terminal that she would not like to go through the body examine at security on the grounds as she was pregnant.

Later she had slammed down these rumors on The Ellen Page Show, saying it was ridiculous. Her excuse was because she was always creeped out with those X-ray scanners as they virtually see people naked. Besides that, it also has a lot of radiation aspect to it, she always opts to stay away from these.

Mendes kept an extreme low profile in the months that emulated, so low, that numerous guessed she and Gosling were over. The performing artist didn’t even show up at the Cannes Film Festival in May for his directorial debut for the film Lost River, which she stars in too.

By July, her absence was clarified. It was affirmed that Eva and Ryan were expecting their first kid together and that she was at that point around seven months along. Then again, the couple never tended to the pregnancy news. Mendes and Gosling started dating in fall 2011 in the wake of gathering on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines.

Ryan Gosling had even reportedly made a joke to U.K The Times that very year, saying that he would like to make babies but he isn’t, so he’d reside in making movies. He confessed that when someone (a baby) comes along, he doesn’t know how he would handle both, but he would be okay with it. So he would continue making movies until he can make babies, and when that happens he has no idea what he’ll do.

Hopefully, Gosling experts the specialty of multitasking.

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