The world of cinema is apparently about to embark on another tryst with music. Academy award nominated actress (second youngest to have received the same) Jennifer Lawrence is as per reports found love very soon after her split with X-Men Co. – Star Nicholas Hoult, whom she had been dating since 2011.

chris martin and jennifer lawrence

While the relationship had been on and off, the couple were trying to reconnect post X- Men: Days of future past shoot. However, the couple had cited demanding work schedules and split. However, word is a certain older Coldplay front man Chris Martin could very well have been the real reason behind the amicable rift, so to say.

Chris Martin is also coming off from a long term relationship with wife of 11 years Gwyneth Paltrow (married on December 5, 2003) with whom he has two children, Apple Blythe Alison Martin (daughter) born May 2004 and Moses Bruce Anthony Martin born in 2006 April.

The couple separated officially in 2014 march, through a post titled Conscious Uncoupling on Paltrow’s Lifestyle website, Goop. It is believed that Lawrence is the absolute opposite of Paltrow, in being a smoker who prefers pizza meals as opposed to the lifestyle conscious Paltrow. The Coldplay singer has been seeing the actress on the sly since Late June, 2014.

Rumour mills were rife after the two were spotted at the after party post the Royal Albert Hall, London gig of Coldplay last month, lost in conversation and being rather flirty. The actress had been spotted leaving the Kensington roof garden after party at 1 am on July 1st. In a recent concert of the band in Newyork city, Martin is believed to have blown a kiss and made a special reference to Hunger Games.

Lawrence was seated on the stage overlooking VIP seat at that moment. A popular tabloid has reported based on a source that the 37 year old singer apparently feels that Lawrence has all that had been missing from his life the past 11 years of matrimony. The actress has, as per sources, added a dash of freshness to the singer’s life.

The two have been constantly in touch for the past 6 weeks through texts. The singer in order to portray his seriousness to the relationship showered Lawrence with gifts on her birthday.

Jennifer is believed to be much smitten by the British way, with both Hoult and Martin being so and is quite enamoured by the casual manner in which she can enjoy the Fish and Chips life. The exes have also in fact not waited around mopping, with 41 year old Paltrow having moved on with Brad Falchuk (43 year old) and Hoult moving on with Equals co-star Kristen Stewart.

The two have a 13 year age gap, with Lawrence being a cheeseburgers and slim jims girl and Martin being the former catholic PETA certified vegetarian. At the moment it’s anybody’s guess as to whether it will simply be a summer romance, for the blue eyed and golden locks couple or…

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