The latest craze which has hit the social media globally is the ice bucket challenge. It has indeed gone global, with Korean stars such as Kim Jong Kook and Hyosung (Secret’s fame), having taken it. The disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s illness has even attracted celebrities from India (such as cricketer Yuvraj Singh and actor Akshay Kumar).

celebs dare the ice bucket

However, what is ALS and who started this tidal wave?? It was an erstwhile Boston college player of baseball (captain), Peter Frates. He has been credited by the ALS association for popularising the challenge by taking it himself last month after having lived with the disease since 2012.

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) also known as motor neurone disease is a lethal illness which causes the sufferer to lose control of muscles. The impact can manifest in the form of impairment in eating, breathing and speaking functions. The disease is fatal since the expectancy of life presently ranges two to five years post diagnosis.

Presently treatments available are able to extend life expectancy only by a couple of months. The challenge is quite straight forward. All one needs to do is get doused by an icy bucket of water and then nominate two comrades to do the same within 24 hours or donate $100 to the ALS association or foundation in order to fund research the disease.

The reason people the world over have been forced to take notice of this is because stars like Conan o Brien, Chris Pratt, The rock, David and Victoria Beckham and even Robert Downey Junior have taken it and then posted videos of the same. This is all in an effort to create enough awareness and collect funds for the deadly sickness. While the challenge is that one needs to pour the chilling water or donate, many are dong both.

Notable stars to have taken the challenge are Hugh Jackman, who in turn nominated Tom Cruise, who had Mission Impossible 5 director Chris McQuarrie join him. Anna Kendrick while taking the challenge went on to admit that she had not showered so as to also simultaneously create awareness about saving water.

While Simon Cowell took his challenge on a yacht, Ben Affleck turned it in to more of a family thing with wife Jennifer Garner joining him. However, Pamela Anderson refused to take the challenge and instead donated while saying the reason for doing so was her disagreement with the animal research which ALS research involves. In the past decade apparently only a dozen of ALS treatments could make it to human trials and one could marginally work.

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