Lifestyle is basically the set of protocols by which modern society leads life. It differs based on social strata. It is something which people these days often seek professional guidance for. The Prada shod footsteps of many celebrities have graced the field of lifestyle advice, such as Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow. Blake Lively is the latest addition to this list.

Blake lively, more affably known as Serena van der woodsen from the hit teen television drama series Gossip Girl recently launched her own lifestyle website by the name Preserve. This is being touted as the next thing to come under focus after Paltrow’s Goop in this segment.

blake lively

This website will allow a lot of her fans who wanted to know and keep up with her lifestyle which is health focused. The website will see the Green Lantern star curate a bundle of articles pertaining philanthropy, fashion, food and culture.

The website will have a very different and fresher look as compared to the much admired and loved “Goop”. It will not have bright lights, clean whites and aesthetics as was the case there. The website by Mrs. Ryan Reynolds will in contrast have moody and dark colours, backlit shots of her with scruffy bearded tattooed hipsters providing the cinematic imagery.

The website will have e commerce, photography, videos and essays. The line by Miss lively about her not looking for only enchiladas clearly suggests that the content will be versatile in dealing with a whole host of topics.

The editor of the website is the star herself and so far the statements refer to a preservation of that which is already there alongside the leaps of technology. Experts believe while this move does come as a surprise considering the perception held by the media of the star, it does make certain sense when the ethos of the generation of women with whom she can be associated is considered.

The perfection quest does make this a somewhat acceptable hiatus from cinema. The website unlike Goop will not only have super pricey items.

While, many quarters of the media have lauded the move, her own mentor one Martha Stewart, has in fact suggested that she would be better off keeping to acting. While, Miss Stewart has only affection for Blake, many have construed this as a vote of no confidence; Stewart just says that she would like, Lively to not lose individuality.

The website while having some not so meaningful items on sale is however being given due credit for at least self awareness. The kind of life is an eco based similar endeavour by Alicia Silverstone.

At the end of the day these websites have simple underlying leit motifs of better taste, monsoon jar use expansion and to share the secrets of a good lifestyle. The looks of it also suggest that the trend for such business is on with Reese Witherspoon launching her own lifestyle company named Draper James.

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