Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley and her fiancé confirmed the addition to their family through the birth of their daughter Meilani Alexandra Mathews.

Jenni Farley also popularly known as JWoww is a television actress who came under the spot light in December, 2009 with her appearances in the popular MTV (reality) series, Jersey Shore.

Jennifer Lynn “Jenni” Farley, is still in the reality series genre, with a spin off series involving one of her Jersey Shore cast mates Nicole Polizzi called Snooki & JWoww. Roger Matthews is Jenni’s log time boy friend with whom she got engaged in 2012 September.

The announcement of the happy couple expecting a visit from the stork back in December, 2013. The announcement had come on Christmas last year, through her blog. According to the representatives of the couple, the couple was blessed with a girl weighing 7Lbs 13 Ounces at the time of birth.

The proud parents who had starred in the WE TV reality show ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality stars’ (a spin off the popular show Bridezillas) from 2013, welcomed this new addition on Sunday, July 13 in New Jersey at 12:49 PM local time. The show was about 5 couples trying to save their relationships through intense couple counselling and required them to move into mansions where they could be monitored through cameras.

Farley had given statements of how she was super excited as she was about to welcome a baby girl. In a statement from MTC, a warm welcome was afforded to the newest addition to the MTV family. However, amidst all the giddy feelings, it must be remembered that it was not all smooth.

The first trimester had especially difficult for Jenni and had even led to her rumoured comments where she had stated the pregnancy as one of the most unpleasant experiences of her life. Apparently, she had lost 9 pounds after her first appointment and the body transitions were having quite the effect.

Later, it was confirmed that she was able to get through it all due to the incredible support of her fiancé and professional and pregnancy partner in crime in Nicole ‘snooki’ Polizzi. She is herself expecting her second child in October, 2014. These erstwhile hard core party girls have become rather maternal and this was apparent with sonogram photo and accompanying comments on Instagram by Jenni.

The star stayed true to her reality tv show nature and kept the social media abuzz with her pregnancy progress through tweets and pictures. Jenni JWoww has certainly lived life under the spotlight right from her Jersey shore days and her show with Nicole Polizzi has been given a third season. She has been a noteworthy supporter of gay rights and is also known for her 2010 book which was a surmise of her life experiences.

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