They have it all. They have been the IT couple for a decade now. After a stormy beginning the two came officially together in 2006 when Angelina confirmed that she was expecting Pitt’s child. The two agreed they had fallen in love in 2004 while filming the 2005 blockbuster Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Angelina had particularly been the subject of much negative publicity since in 2004 Pitt was still married to popular television show Friends star Jennifer Aniston. The two subsequently divorced and thus was born a powerhouse partnership constituting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – more fondly called “Brangelina”.


For 10 years the couple has been delight of the Paparazzi. However, after the movie which sent the two down the lane of love they never managed to work in a project together until now. Well substantiated media reports claim that Jolie and Pitt will be seen in a Universal Pictures movie called “By the Sea”,   after Jolie and company finish the current project “Unbroken” (a biopic of epic proportions on the life and times of Louis Zamperini an Olympian war hero and athlete as per the bestselling book by Laura Hillenbrand.).

Pitt himself has been quite occupied with the war movie “Fury”. In a recent interview Jolie stated that the Universal team had created an environment conducive to creative storytelling and she looked forward to associating with them as a filmmaker. By the Sea is expected to be a drama driven by its characters starring Pitt and Jolie.

In 2012, Media reports had stated that in 2012, Jolie Jolie had written an art piece, for Pitt and her, which was experimental and small. The movie will see Angelina donning the role of writer and director while Pitt will be co producing the venture.

The intimate movie will mark the coming together of this powerhouse couple after a decade. The movie will provide a close look at the relationship shared by a couple.

Media has been rife with reports about the much in love and engaged couple shooting a movie for about eight weeks in Malta. It is not confirmed whether the reports were about “By the sea”, but it is believed the setting (Mediterranean) would aptly fit the title.

Jolie has also in the recent past teamed up with some of her children (Pax – 10, Zahara – 9, Vivienne – 6) in the fairy tale movie Maleficent (2014). The movie project with her long time partner and Fiancé will mark Jolie’s third directorial stint after In the Land of Blood and Honey marking her debut in the feature length format.

This had been followed up by Unbroken which is on the verge of completion. Audiences are quite keen with this new project even though Jolie’s directorial prowess was under much fire after Blood and honey which was based on a bleak storyline about the Bosnian war.

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